Friday, February 3, 2017

Disney World - Day 1, travel day and Magic Kingdom

Every night before bed on our trip, I took detailed notes of the day on my phone.  There were so many things I didn't want to forget and figured that was the only way to remember.  I am so thankful I will see lots of details!
 The day was here!!  We were so excited and ready to get out of town!
 Our flight was at 7 which means we were up before 4am, too early!  Kids were happy to be up and talked all the way to the airport.  They were super excited to get on the plane, no nerves.  Adam got the "easy" kid for the flight, while I was sandwiched by these two...

 Lucky me!  Clearly I didn't get much sleep the night before, hence the bags under my eyes.
 The girls were so good on the plane!  We had a nonstop flight and they kept busy.  Laney watched a movie and colored everything we brought with us.  P slept for over an hour.  She was a bit restless during landing, but overall-so smooth! 
 In the background is what I mean by Adam getting the "easy" kid.  The kid that will sit and watch/play on iPad while Adam naps.  
 Our circus going to pick up our bags...yes, all of that stuff was carried on the plane.  The joys of flying with little ones.
Woot Woot!  We got on the bus to the hotel around 10:30.  Laney fell asleep on Adam on the bus.  Piper said, "we on a bus like pawpaws."  We got checked into the hotel, ate lunch at our resort and then hopped on the bus to magic kingdom.
The girls were ecstatic to see Cinderella's castle.
Aladdin, their first ride.  Typical Cooper fashion, he was needing to take it all in before he was ready to jump in.  He sat on sidelines with me while Dad and the girls rode.
It was so fun to watch them smiling!
And she decided to crash again.  She did this a lot at the parks, would nap in stroller or Adam's arms while we went about our day.  We were in line for Pirates of Caribbean ride.  Kids were nervous because they knew it was water ride but we couldn't see what the ride was.  Well, it was dark-told the story of the movie.  There was a drop...nothing huge but got a little wet...big kids crying, Adam and I laughing and Piper sleeping thru it all.
We walked around just trying to get a feel of the park.  No one wanted to ride Splash Mountain with me.  We decided to take it easy and ride the train to the front of the park so we could head to dinner.  For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to P in underwear (she had been potty trained for over a month at that point).  After nap, I picked her up to get on the train.  I said a couple of times, "tell me if you have to go potty, don't pee on me."  And then I felt something warm on my side.  I told her to stop and we went to the nearest restroom.  About 20 steps from bathroom, she peed all over me and the ground...I just kept walking.  So after the bathroom we got on the train, both soaked in pee.  Of course I had change of clothes for her...not me, so I went on the rest of our evening soaked in pee. It's funny now, not so much at the time.
We took a ferry from Magic Kingdom over to Wilderness Lodge where we had dinner reservations at BBQ place.  At dinner, Laney peed herself before I could get her to restroom.  What was happening to my children!?!?  No change of clothes for her either, so we were stinky pee sisters.  We got the bus back to our hotel around 7:30, we were all delirious at this point.
We showered everyone when we got back to the room and went to bed.  Piper cried herself to sleep in  the pack and play-this was the view from my bed. Cooper and Laney shared a bed.  We heard Cooper say to Laney, "let's cuddle."  Laney abruptly said, 'no."  Pretty fitting of their personalities.
Out of order but, this was us headed out of Magic Kingdom on day 1.  You will notice that Piper's pants don't match.  Thankfully I was wearing black so you can't see I am pee soaked.

Next up was a full day at Magic Kingdom!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Wrapping up February before we headed to Disney World!!!

 Hard to find Piper among all her sleeping buddies.
 A warmish night by the fire
 We had a couple warmer days in February so we took advantage and got outside!  We read books, 
 played in the backyard,
 had waffles for breakfast in the sunshine,
 created forts out of patio furniture,
 and played some more.  Man, I am really hoping for a few of these days this February!
 She celebrated her 1/2 birthday at preschool!
 Cooper was really into ArtforKids on YouTube.  I was really impressed with his illustrations-better than I could do!
This girl always loves when we take Lola on car rides with us!

Next up-Disney World!!!!!!!

Cheer Camp for Laney

Last year Laney did this cheer camp and loved it!  Here is the post from last year, and I can't believe how little she looks!!!

She was really excited to do it again and much less hesitant.

 Adam was unfortunately out of town again this year-bad timing!  We got to sneak away for some one-on-one time for dinner before going to her performance.
 Look at that big girl!

 She had fun was so stinkin' cute!

Grandma and Grandpa came to watch the cheerleader!

Here are a couple of videos from her performance,

Coop's 1st Basketball Season

I was so excited for Cooper's first basketball season!  It's my favorite sport to watch and he loves it too.
 Most of these boys have played baseball and/or soccer together, so they were a great team from the beginning.  Their 2 coaches are the head coach of soccer and head coach of baseball so the boys were used to them as leaders and they know the boys so well.

One part of his cheer squad.   
 We always sat near the door because the girls were usually running to the water fountain/bathroom.

 Coop was really fun to watch, in fact-the whole team was!  
 He caught on quickly and was a good team player!

We loved watching our superstar this season!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Valentine's Day 2016

We stretched Valentine's Day out all week.
 This is what Cooper took to class.
 Laney working writing her name.
 And Pippi doing her thing-feeding a baby.
 See his forehead-that's the aftermath of the run in with the wall.
 They had an assignment to create a heart full of things they love.  We brainstormed together and then I found pics.  
 I love what he chose and the family pictures.
 Laney's finished product.
 A cute 2 year old at breakfast!
 Her Valentine's party was a PJ party!
 Checking out all her goodies after school
 I randomly found these 2 underneath Adam's sink.
 A few little Valentine's graphing with candy hearts.  Of course they didn't any ;).

 I love to catch him napping which isn't very often.
 Cash and Quincy came over to play one afternoon and evening.  These two had to potty together.
 They were building masterpieces out of marshmallows and toothpicks.
 She joined in.
 We did some fun little games.  They were trying to drop a quarter from their forehead into that bowl.

 Relay races-she had a spoon in her mouth with a candy heart on it.

 Cousin Fun!
 One more time on the potty.

 Valentine's Day for the kiddos!
 Another weekend means another sleepover for these two.
 Adam and the kids brought me breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day morning.
 After church we went out to lunch as a family.  Piper sat with Adam and I.
 These 2 sat at their own table.
 Laney tried to carry on a conversation while Cooper watched ESPN.

We wrapped up the weekend with some jumping at Urban Air!